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Most people think buying a Wedding Dress from Amazon is a taboo.  They think you will not get the same quality.  This just isn’t so. Amazon sells products from other Wedding Vendors that have been given special prices.  Take a look at these.  These are beautiful wedding gowns all at Amazon.

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A Lengthy Discussion On Bridal Veils


When the bride dons her veil and places it perfectly over her face, it is that unforgettable moment wherein she realizes that she’s getting married. Finally. The bridal veil completes the whole package, tying in together the bride’s face, body shape and the gown’s style. Now how would you know which veil suits your gown if you have no clue about veils in general? Here’s the 101 on the different cuts and styles of bridal veils.

Blusher. This is the iconic one, it is the veil covering the bride’s face while walking down the aisle. The groom gets to lift it before the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife. In other instances, it can be pulled over right before the bride’s father hands her over to the groom.

Flyaway. Also referred to as the Shoulder Length Veil, this type is the shortest cut ranging from 20 inches or shorter. Most flyaway veils come with a multi-layered design for a more dramatic appeal while it brushes the bride’s shoulders during the walk. Because of its length, it is considered the less formal type among other veils.

Elbow. Based on the name, its length is somewhere near the bride’s elbows ranging from 25 to 28 inches. The style is ideal for simple wedding dresses or for a minimalistic look for the bride.

Fingertip. Popular in today’s wedding scene, its length extends to 36 inches or until the bride’s fingertips. Usually, it is paired with elaborate ball gowns for a simple yet dramatic effect for the ensemble.

Ballet or Waltz. The end of the veil at 56 inches is estimated to be in between your knees and your ankles. Modern brides love this cut since it is long enough to give that straight, flowing look but short enough to be worn during the reception and even the after party. Your bridesmaids won’t have a hard time following you around but you still get that beautiful look while enjoying dinner.

Chapel. The length actually depends on the bride and the shoes, the idea is to get the veil to extend until it reaches the floor. It is also wide enough to cover the sides of the bride for that oh-so-dreamy march down to the altar. An extra sweep train may be added to complement the veil and a blusher is also used to give it an extra boost.

Cathedral or Royal. The queen of all veils is 120 inches or longer, making it the longest among the group. Church weddings usually set an ideal venue for these dramatic veils – no forceful winds, long straight aisle and clean, carpeted walkway. Be prepared though, you might want to remove the veil before the reception and you might also need assistance during the photo session at the church.

These were just some of the different cuts and types of bridal veils. The measurements used may not be exact since each veil’s cut is based on the measurements of the bride. The names may also vary per supplier or depending on the designer.

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Tradimento lampo – Wear White?


Tradimento lampo –  Wear White?

Si è appena conclusa la cerimonia e tutti gli invitati sono al banchetto. Unici assenti: la sposa e il testimone che…

Some Brides Maybe? Should Not Wear White……




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A Midsummer Night’s Dream “Wedding March”


A Midsummer Night’s Dream “Wedding March”

Wedding March – A Brides Music Down the Aisle

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Brides must remember the music and band for the Wedding Reception should you choose to have any.  But do not forget your Most Intimate Walk Down the Aisle to Your Betrothed Groom waiting patiently.  Do you want to “Jive” down the aisle or do you want to “glide” down the aisle?  It is your wedding to remember for lifetime.

Knowing Your Wedding Etiquette


Every occasion has its own rules. These are standards that must be observed so that you conform to tradition, regard the importance of others, ensure consistency, be polite to others and then make things go along in a procedural manner. It is very important for the couple to regard these principles so that the event does not look out of place. You should strictly obey certain standards and procedures so that you please your guests and do not embarrass them. Again, a wedding is a solemn event and you need to observe it as such with the right behavior, design and conduct. We take a look at the various protocols that you need to observe with your wedding.

The first protocol to observe for your wedding is to involve your in laws in the celebration. You will need to plan things together. It is considered courteous to inform them about your plans and ask for their suggestions. You need to ask them for a list of their guests so you can adequately cater for them. You must also invite them to the rehearsals. Still more, they need to be part of the planning that will involve the public such as reception, catering, church hall decoration and transportation. If they have any special role to play, you should inform them about it early.

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You should address your guests with the right titles during the invitations. You must also send them out early so they have time to prepare. If you are inviting a spouse, you should address the couple and invite both. In formal or traditional weddings, you must employ the services of a calligrapher to do the addressing.

When you understand proper wedding etiquette, you can make sure that you are planning your wedding properly and that nobody feels left out or hurt. The etiquette begins with the wedding invitation. You should address the envelopes properly, provide a means for your guests to reply and also address them by their correct names. If there are any variations in spelling, check before you send the invitations out. Again, ensure that your wording is elegant and formal tone. With regard to the wedding ceremony, ensure that they are comfortably seated and that you always address everybody, not only just your friends. Once you keep all these protocols observed, your wedding will end as a memorable, well organized event.

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Wedding Cake Decorating Tips


Wedding Cake Decorating Tips

Mercedes Strachwsky of Bake Me a Cake suggests ways to make a wedding cake elegant and unique.

Mim’s Online Wedding Shop Suggests this Professional Decorating Tips below. However, there are several other Decorating Wedding Cake Books available.

The Wedding Shop Team

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Wedding Cake Art and Design: A Professional Approach

Pakistani Bridal Veils



She is wearing a veil is a very special part of the bride. It can be difficult to understand how the veil is a pair of short hair style is so stylistically and stability. These are some great ideas for bridal veils for short hair.

Concern for brides with short hair, when it comes to veils is, “How can I avoid it slip?” There is no doubt that the less hair you have, the harder it is to anchor your veil and give some stability. But do not let that stop you from wearing a bridal veil, if it is something you want to do. With a little creative in cutting hair and some help from your wedding hair jewelry, you can use a beautiful wedding veil.

The first step in the selection of a veil for short hair is to talk to your hairdresser. It also depends on how you cut your hair really is, and if you grow a little more time for the wedding. If you have a jolt to the chin, you have more options than you may think.

This length of hair can actually be collected in a French twist, which will ensure a candle much easier. Simply place the metal comb the web in your hair during the turn. Put a fork or a comb, glass jewelry on the side of the turn, and has a stylish look that is perfect for any length veil.

Another option for the chin hair is to have your stylist pull a little to the crown. A good hairdresser can use this small section of hair to create an anchor for the comb with a veil or backcombing or even the creation of small braids in the top layer of hair, braids, little would be invisible, in other words d, but is an excellent base for navigation. With the rest of his left chin length hair, a short sail tends to look more in proportion to the long term. A waist length veil with ribbon edge would be loved by it off with the wedding jewelry hair like a comb of pearls hidden in the front of the veil. One good thing with a veil is that Shortie is so comfortable that you can use for the wedding together, until the end of the reception (a good thing, too, as it could be difficult to draw the comb backcombing your small braids or without making a mess of his haircut.)

Even brides whose hair is too short to pull back at all can not wear a veil. The most foolproof way to ensure a bridal veil for short hair is sewing in a crown or tiara. The best donut is made of a slightly flexible framework that can actually be slightly bent in conformity with the shape of your head for a perfect fit. Sometimes there will be a small metal comb on the front of the rim, which will go into the hair on top of your head (useful if your hair spray enough to hold the comb). Fuzzy then flows into the back of the crown in effect very fairy forest.

A veil calf with a minimum density would be ideal (more will give more weight and increase the likelihood of the ring will slide backwards). The key to a wedding ring is to keep the decorations on the very delicate, so you do not look like a flower girl.If a crown is not your style, consider choosing a course with a jaunty little compensation in place of a traditional veil. It is a very elegant and modern, ideal for short hair. A veil cage can be a good compromise between traditional veils and go without a wedding veil with a short hairstyle. It allows you to run your modern style while feeling like a romantic weekend.

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How to Cover a Cake in Fondant | Wedding Cakes


How to Cover a Cake in Fondant | Wedding Cakes

Create Cake Magic! Learn to make the cakes youve always dreamed of with online courses from CakeMade. Watch more How to Decorate a Wedd…

Popular Wedding Cakes and Designs


Popular Wedding Cakes and Designs

The most popular Wedding Cakes and Designs of Today are extravagant and out  of this world.  Brides and Grooms are not holding back anymore.  Brides and Grooms are choosing new paths and away from the traditional tier layered cake.   The word architectural comes to mind while looking at some of these new designs and colors for wedding cakes.   There are a few cookbooks and recipes out for Brides and Grooms to take a look at and decide what will be their best Wedding Cake and Grooms Cake to share with their family and friends.

Your most popular chefs and bakers are still putting out their recommended Wedding Cake DiJour.  We sometimes wonder if these bakers have not been sipping at the cooking sherry or vanilla extract too much when we see some of their designs and recipes.  by JC Hines dated March 9, 2014, Edited by Livaudais.

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More to Come with Wedding Cakes and new Articles just released. JC Says Wedding Bells are already starting to chime. Edited by Livaudais May 30, 2014.

Online Wedding Registry – Bride and Groom Registry



Online Wedding Registry is the Future! The Bride and Groom have many family and friends they correspond with on the Internet. The count of friends can be as high as 1000 online friends. The Couple certainly wants to include these person(s) in their wedding. They realize that many cannot make it to the actual wedding or wedding reception. But they do send their Online Friends an Invitation so they are not left out of their special day.

After Online Family and Friends receive their Invitation to the Wedding. Buying the Lovely Couple a Wedding Present is the next step. What better way than to buy a Wedding Gift on the Internet? One of the most popular Wedding Gifts are Gift Cards. On the other hand since the guests have the couples address they are able to purchase wonderful Wedding Gifts right at their computer. The Bride and Groom now REGISTER their desired Gifts on an Online Registry. One Registry is located through Amazon where the selection of gifts are endless. From Cookware to Linens including furniture to expensive china and silver flatware. Giving the couple a nice gas Barbecue Grill is acceptable. But again, if the couple has a nice Wish List in their Registry you should not have a problem finding what they need for their future together.

We have shortcuts to the Amazon Registry located at the bottom of the page and on the sidebar of this page for your convenience. The Wedding Couple should give you their proper identification to locate their registered name and products for you to make a selection from. Have fun looking at all the products the Wedding Couple has picked out for their future together.
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The Wedding Dress

Satin Off-the-Shoulder A-Line with Side-Drape

David’s Bridal David’s Bridal Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

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BRIDE GROOM LUGGAGE TAGS Simply Great for the NEW COUPLE on their Honeymoon!

HIS AND HER PASSPORT COVERS So the Honeymoon is Overseas? Great! You’ll Need these Passport Covers!

CROCK POT GIFTS FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM Check this Crock Pot out! It’s 16 oz and Adorable! Just the right size! It’s cute.

Wedding Registry

Wedding Party Dance

Wedding Party Dance

The Wedding Party rocks out Bollywood style.

Cake Balls part 4

Cake Balls part 4

This video shows the ingredients and directions for making Cake Balls.

How to make a bunny cake

How to make a bunny cake

These bunny cakes come in pairs—one cake mix makes two bunnies. So you get two chances to be creative with your frosting color and decorations. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens will show how easy it is. So hop to it. (You didn’t think we’d resist an easy pun, did you?)

My Room Makeover – Selecting the Perfect Pieces for a Modern Downtown Design

My Room Makeover – Selecting the Perfect Pieces for a Modern Downtown Design

Room stylist Fiona Byrne joins Natalie in her Upper East Side bedroom to strategize about creating a modern-art-meets-music haven. Afterwards, while the room renovations are set in motion, the duo head over to CB2 to pick up some of the final touches.

Mehndi Night Dance – Best Indian Wedding Dance

Mehndi Night Dance – Best Indian Wedding Dance

Mehndi Night Medley Dance – Dhinka Chika, Dancing Jodi, Desi Boyz, Munni Badnaam Hui, Sheila Ki Jawani. Best Amazing Ever Asian Indian Wedding Dance Performance on Bollywood Songs